Oct. 2017 Results

Holiday Preparation In Full Swing

Shoppimon's Online Store Health & Usability Index is the definitive place for critical data and insights into online store health and performance.


What's the Online Store Health & Usability Index?

The OSHU (Online Store Health & Usability) Index ranks the world's top online stores in relation to others across the eCommerce space, as well as to direct competitors in their retail category. Online stores are measured and compared based on user experience and shopability from a customer's perspective.

Ranking is based on the OSHU Score. A number on a scale of 1-100 that reflects a site's overall health and performance (as experienced by online shoppers).

On both the 4th-5th and 19th 20th of October, OSHU picked up instances of downtime across nearly all 8 Demandware (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) based sites currently on the OSHU Index. These instances occurred throughout the day, during which each store displayed error messages. Some the platform's default error page with a 404 response, and others with custom "Down for Maintenance" messaging. 

Trouble on Demandware?

This Month's Top Movers & Shakers

Prepping for the Holidays Takes Center Stage

Major eCommerce retailers are now in the midst of a clear push to beef up store performance & health before the most important shopping season of the year. Their positive work can clearly be seen through a few key stats collected during the previous 4 weeks: 


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Avg. OSHU Score Up from 88.76 to 89.61

~1 Point Increase

Avg. Interactive Time Down from 1.79 to 1.63

9% Decrease

 2 in 3

online stores improve OSHU Score

In addition to laboring to improve overall site performance, top online brands are also taking problems more seriously when they do occur. Leading significantly faster resolution times. For example, in last month's OSHU index we found that the average severe slowdown was resolved within 96 minutes. But this month, that figure has dropped an incredible 38% to a 60 minute average resolution time!

With 2/3 of all stores improving their OSHU Scores this month, being at the top of this list is pretty impressive. However there are a few standout eCommerce sites that saw a dramatic improvement to their overall speed, performance stability, as well as a decrease in issue instances. And based on their OSHU Score improvement, that makes them this month's top movers and shakers.  

This month's top movers and shakers are:


This Month's Rankings in Review

This month's Top 10 sees 4 new entries push Whole Foods, J. Crew, JC Penny, and LookFantastic down the chart. While last month's first place winner, Summit Racing, drops down to second place, and Birchbox takes the top spot.  

It's important that to note that this doesn't reflect a month of poor performance for Summit. In fact, their OSHU Score actually improved by .15 points. However, Birchbox generated even greater gains, and overtook Summit Racing after boosting their Online Store Health & Shopability Score from 98.66 to 99.60. 

A score as high as Birchbox's reflects a nearly flawless on site shopping experience. What does nearly flawless eCommerce shopping look like?

Visitors to Birchbox's site are likely to experience:

  1. Average first response times of .12 seconds
  2. Full load times averaging .20 seconds
  3. 0 purchase blocking issues
  4. 0 severe slowdowns
  5. Only minor issues, such as missing design elements, which often go unnoticed by customers
  6. A consistently positive on site experience


The Top 10

All But 2 Categories Improve Shopping Experience

With the exception of Beauty and Automotive Supplies, all categories display an improvement in OSHU Scores over the last month, which drove a cross-index average improvement of ~1 full point in OSHU Score. 

This improvement is in line with the uptick in performance we see as stores shift gears in preparation of the upcoming holiday season. We'll be watching closely to see if this upward trend continues over the coming months. And it will be particularly interesting to see if brands are able to hold performance steady during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. 

The Beauty industry, while suffering a small decrease in average score (.18 points), remains at the top of the list. Highlighting the strength of performance from brands like: BirchboxAvon, and Ulta Beauty

Home & Garden climbed the most spots, placing second to Beauty, following a 5th place performance across all categories in last month's OSHU Index results. Top players in Home & Garden include: Saatva MattressHome Depot, and Wayfair.

On the flip side, Consumer Electronics stores continue to struggle with performance - placing dead last yet again following slower load times, more severe issues, and longer resolution times for problems when they crop up. A trend we see regardless of store size, as we reported in a recent eBook



What's Happening Next Month in OSHU?

Next month on the OSHU Index, we'll be adding dozens of new stores across all verticals. 


It is unclear whether these outages were planned in advance, or if they occurred without warning. However they had a clear impact on the businesses based on the platform, all of which experienced complete Business Downtime and a correlated impact on their OSHU Scores. 

If your online store experienced similar downtime or outages on these dates or others. We would love to hear more about your experience! Please reach out and tell us your story at hello@shoppimon.com